Policies and FAQs

As with every business, ground rules need to be set, both to protect the business as well as set expectations for the customer.  Typically, these rules are known as policies.  We’re going to go over the Vibes Salon policies here:

  1. Walk-ins and Scheduling
    Vibes Salon works primarily on a scheduling basis, however walk-ins are welcome, if my schedule allows.
    If you walk in for a service but I’m busy, I will kindly ask you to schedule an appointment, or, if I have an opening later in the day, you are free to wait in the hall.
    Please respect my clients’ privacy by not loitering in the salon.
  2. Consultations
    Most services are best served by a consultation prior to beginning work.  The purpose of a consultation is to provide accurate pricing for the services about to be performed as well as to set realistic expectations on the amount of time your service will require.
    In rare instances, the initial consultation may take your entire appointment time.  Please be aware that services may not begin after your initial consultation depending on my availability.
  3. Pricing
    The prices set in my menu are usually the price you will pay.  Additional charges may apply for additional hair length, additional foils for your highlights, etc.
    We will never charge you more than the menu price without informing you before the services have started.
  4. Timing
    If you have a time constraint (i.e. an appointment scheduled after your service), please let me know at the beginning of your appointment.  I’d hate to see you leave the salon with half-colored hair because you had your daughter’s soccer game to get to.
  5. Refunds
    I don’t issue refunds.  If you’re dissatisfied with your hair after you leave the salon, please give me a call to discuss appropriate remedies.  In most cases, I can satisfy your needs with a short follow-up.
  6. Reviews
    Reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. are important in helping me grow my business.  If you have a positive experience with me, please feel free to share that positive experience on any (or all!) of those outlets.
    If you had a less than pleasurable experience, please take the time to get in touch with me before posting a negative review.  Chances are there was a simple misunderstanding that can be remedied by simply giving me a call.
    If I still can’t make it right, by all means, leave a review on those outlets and I’ll do my best to avoid dissatisfaction going forward.

My hair has drug store black color in it.  Can you make it platinum blonde?

Sure!  Not in one session though.  It’s going to take some time to get through the box color before we can get it as light as you want it.

Why are your services so expensive?  I can buy a box of dye at the store for under $5.

If you can get the same results out of a box of color from the store, I welcome you to do it, however I use top of the line, salon quality products (not just color, but shampoos, conditioners, treatments, etc.)

I am also a trained professional and know how to work around previous treatments to your hair.

Do you offer discounts, sales or specials?

You bet I do!  I offer monthly specials specially crafted for my e-mail newsletter subscribers, as well as free services for your birthday and an awesome loyalty program!  Ask me about all of these when you come in!